Portraits 2016

I began the New Year taking six month photos of this handsome little man:


He was teething, but we still managed to get a smile.


And then it was Big Sister’s turn to get in the photos too:



While Kellan took a break to eat, Quinn gave me a shy smile.  Of course, the fact that she was unscrewing the bulb out of the camera — and checking to see if I noticed — might have had something to do with that smile.



I was thrilled to have Gideon in the studio for his three month photos:



He even brought a friend …… his teddy bear:



Since it was almost Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t resist covering Gideon with kisses:



Valentine’s Day was also Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary, to I took some photos of their wedding bands and rings while I was at it:



Nice weather has finally arrived, which means we can get outside!  We had fun in the park with Clara enjoying a tea party for her second birthday portraits.



We made sure to get Mom and Dad in some photos too!



Beep Beep!  Here comes the birthday girl!



This was one of my favorites from our session with Clara and her parents.



Even after taking ALL those photos, Clara was still smiling!



You might recognize some of these adorable faces from our first photo shoot of the year.  This time, we included cousins for some precious photos for the grandparents.



This was a fun one — for everybody!



I had taken a similar photo of these two lovely ladies when they were very young, so we took an updated version.


I had the opportunity to take some family portraits of this lovely family!
Grandparents and Grandchildren
They certainly make some gorgeous grandchildren, don’t they?


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