Notre Dame, through the years

Larry’s love of Notre Dame football started at an early age, watching his uncles rooting for the Irish!  We also learned that his grandmother was born in South Bend, which gave him a special tie to the area.

Blue Gold Game 1994

This was the beginning of our travels to Notre Dame University!  Our friends, John and Dana, invited us to join them on a weekend trip to South Bend to see the Fighting Irish play their spring scrimmage football game.  We went, and have been going as often as we can, every spring afterwards.

ND Entrance Sign 1994 watermarked
University of Notre Dame entrance sign 1994

We were able to glimpse the Golden Dome from the turnpike, but this was our first real proof that we had arrived at the University of Notre Dame!

Notre Dame campus 1994 watermarked
University of Notre Dame campus 1994

We were fortunate and had a lovely spring day, perfect for strolling around the campus.

Blue Gold Game 1994 watermarked
University of Notre Dame Blue Gold Game 1994

Time for some football!  The Blue Gold game was played at Notre Dame stadium on April 23, 1994.  The team was coached by Lou Holtz, and Ron Powlus stepped on the field  at ND for the first time, as quarterback.

Blue Gold Game 1994 2 watermarked

Go Irish!

Blue Gold Game 1994 3 watermarked

Blue Gold Game 1994 4 watermarked

Notre Dame’s record for the 1994 season was 6 wins, 5 loses and 1 tie (with Southern Cal on November 26, 1994).

Sitting by Morris Inn 1994 watermarked
Relaxing on a bench in front of the Morris Inn

After the game, we walked around campus some more.  Here we are, sitting in front of the Morris Inn.

ND campus 1994 watermarked
On the campus of Notre Dame during our first visit

Larry with our friends John and Dana on the campus of Notre Dame!


Drive leading onto campus of ND 1994 watermarked
Notre Dame Avenue, Notre Dame University, circa 1994

Here’s a photo of Notre Dame Avenue, leading toward the Golden Dome.

ND campus 1994 2 watermarked

And this is the view looking in the other direction, toward the stadium.  You can see “Touchdown Jesus” from this vantage point.


Cedar Grove Cemetery Notre Dame University watermarked

Right across the street from where I took the early photo was the Cedar Grove Cemetery, which we — of course — had to check out.

Moose Krause grave watermarked

In the cemetery, we found the grave of Edward “Moose” Krause and his wife Elise.


Cedar Grove Cemetery at dusk watermarked

It was getting dark while we were still in the cemetery, when we noticed the Golden Dome in the distance.

Golden Dome at night 1994 watermarked

We took a walk around St. Marys Lake.  The dome, along with it’s reflection, were clearly visible from many vantage points.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart Notre Dame 1994 watermarked

We went inside the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, which is on the campus of the University.  We were in awe of the incredibly beautiful altars and furnishings in the church.

Knute Rocke grave watermarked

While in South Bend, we also visited the grave of Knute Rockne.  He is buried in Highland Cemetery, which is a few miles west of the campus.  His widow decided to bury him in Highland Cemetery, instead of Cedar Grove because, at the time Knute died in 1931, the families were responsible for cutting grass and maintaining any graves in Cedar Grove cemetery, or they would be charged a maintenance fee.

ND Flowers entrance 1994

When I think of our first visit to Notre Dame, this is one of the things that always sticks in my mind.  Pulling up for the first time and seeing those huge letters — N  D — planted in beautiful purple flowers!

Blue Gold Game 2009

We had some lovely weather in 2009 when we made our trek to Notre Dame.  It gave us the opportunity to enjoy yet another stroll around campus.

Edward Moose Krause statue
Edward “Moose” Krause sculpture 2009

This is a statue of Edward “Moose” Krause which can be found in front of the Joyce Center.  Coach Krause is looking toward the stadium.  Moose Krause was an athlete while a student at Notre Dame, who then went on to become head coach as well as athletic director.  This bronze sculpture was created by Jerry McKenna, a 1962 Notre Dame graduate.  The sculpture was dedicated on September 17, 1999.

Touchdown Jesus 2009 watermarked 2
Mural on Hesburgh Library, aka “Touchdown Jesus” 2009

If you’re a Notre Dame football fan, I’m sure you’re familiar with Touchdown Jesus!

“Touchdown Jesus” is a mural created on the Hesburgh Library. It’s a 132 feet high and made out of 80 different types of stone.  It was a gifted to the University by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phalin.

2016 Blue Gold Game

We had snow here in Northeast Ohio the weekend before we left for the South Bend, so we were thrilled to see the forecast:  upper 60s and lower 70s — sunny and dry in South Bend!  When we arrived on campus, the sun was shining brightly on the Golden Dome!

The Golden Dome of Notre Dame 2016

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